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Loved by millions of consumers. Trusted and white-labeled by hundreds of companies:

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A unified collections ecosystem, on auto-pilot

Harness Artificial intelligence to take the busy work out of your collection operations. A tech-first approach to automating your past due consumer re-payments from a single, scalable engagement platform.

Upload, Segment & Go

Sync past due consumers with ease and start collecting from the day you Go-Live. One size does not fit all - automated behavioral segmentation means consumers receive tailored re-payment journeys and personalized campaigns to drive recoveries, at scale.

Paydit platform screenshot
Paydit platform screenshot

More smile,
Less dial.

Deliver time-optimized and personalized messages when it matters most. Our omnichannel communication suite means meeting consumers with the right message, at the right moment from the right channel, all from a single, scalable platform. Recover 10X more than traditional phone call strategies.

24/7 self-service can serve your business

Consumers no longer want to speak to agents about outstanding balances. Empower them with a convenient white-labeled portal available from any device that puts them in control, at a time that suits them. Make difficult conversations, easy while never missing an opportunity to recover and turn a past-due consumer into a loyal customer.

Paydit platform screenshot
Paydit platform screenshot

Flexible repayment options, fully integrated

The next generation of past due re-payment channels are built in to provide flexibility and to get proposed arrangements finalized. Provide seamless consumer centric resolution options for any age or stage in the past due lifecycle. Reduce friction to unlock results.

Data-driven collections, powered by machine learning

Each consumer interaction generates hundreds of data points. We utilize every one of them to fine-tune the consumer experience. Intelligent reporting allows you to deeply understand what drives performance and our machine optimizes over time, meaning your best collection months are ahead of you.

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Reimagining the repayment experience for all stages

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Why consolidate and automate?


No need for multiple vendors. Harness a single platform that comes with the features, support and data you need to start collecting instantly from day one.

Easy to implement & use

Ready to collect when you are. Rapid deployment means you go-live in days, not months. Intuitive and easy to use. It's steep results, without the steep learning curve.


Make the consumer re-payment experience your competitive advantage. Engage via preferred channels and put consumers in control with a self service experience.

Compliance, on auto-pilot

Constantly evolving regulations make it increasingly difficult to navigate. Leverage a platform with code-based compliance, so you can recover fast, without legal issues.

Recover more, with less

Fewer agents can result in more recoveries. Reduce reliance on staff, put time back into your day & money into your P&L with improved collections for the fraction of a salary.

Data and strategies

Bottle the behaviors and strategies of the most successful agencies in the world, and scale them across your own business.


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